We are one of the leading manufacturers of FRP cooling towers that are compact, space saving and has three pass eliminator that limits the drift losses. It has adjustable pitch fan for individual duty condition and harmonised spray nozzles for uniform water distribution.

Structure & Components of FRP Square Cooling Tower:

FRP Assembly Fan

Manufactured from industry standard Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic. Blades are hollow and ultra light, specially suited for large Cooling Towers to maintain Precise cooling range

PVC Fills

The widely accepted heat transfer medium. These ultra violet stabilised and rigid PVC Fills increases effective heat transfer area for optimum cooling

Cooling Tower Motor

These are high Electrical Efficiency motors for driving the fan. The totally enclosed surface cooled motor with IP- 55 protection can be installed in the open without any cover for the motor.

Splash Spray Nozzles

There nozzles are used for distributing hot water in canalised water distribution system in cooling towers

Target Nozzles

There nozzles are used for distributing hot water in canalised water distribution system in cooling towers.

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Data for optimal selection (to be provided by user)

Rate of Water Circulation (LPM)
Water Inlet Temperature (°C)
Water Outlet Temperature (°C)
Ambient wet Bulb temperature (°C)

Also Information in brief site conditions and Water Quality

Features & applications of FRP Square Cooling Tower

Salient features:

We are specialized in manufacturing precision engineered FRP cooling towers that offer the following features:

  • Adjustable Pitch Fan for individual duty conditions.
  • Equispaced Spray nozzles for uniform water distribution.
  • Counter Flow Induced Draught Design for better heat transfer.
  • Three Pass Eliminator to limit the drift losses.
  • Compact & space saving & requires negligible civil foundation for installation.
  • Prompt after Sales Service even after the warranty period.


  • Air conditioning & Refrigeration
  • Industrial chilling Plants
  • Compressors
  • Diesel Gensets Induction Furnaces
  • Chemical Industries
  • Pharmaceutical Plants
  • Vacuum Pumps
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