Harrison also manufacturers premium quality and durable spares for each of its cooling towers

FRP Square Cooling Tower

FRP Round Cooling Tower

Cast Aluminium Fan

These are gravity / die cast fans for displacing high volume of air while being light in weight. Made from LM- 6 grade Aluminium ingots

Cooling Tower Motor

These are high Electrical Efficiency motors for driving the fan. The totally enclosed surface cooled motor with IP- 55 protection can be installed in the open without any cover for the motor.

FRP Assembly Fan

Manufactured from industry standard Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic. Blades are hollow and ultra light, specially suited for large Cooling Towers to maintain Precise cooling range

PVC Fills

The widely accepted heat transfer medium. These ultra violet stabilised and rigid PVC Fills increases effective heat transfer area for optimum cooling

Rotary Spinklers

This rotating sprinkler distributes the incoming water evenly over the entire fill area. It rotates at a speed of 12 to 16 RPM.

Spray Nozzle In Brass

Brass Nozzles are used for producing high pressure atomisation of the water stream


This is used in the round cooling tower to keep the sprinkler arm pipes in taut horizontal position above the PVC Fills.

Evaporative Industrial Air Coolers

Evaporative Cooling Pad

  • High heat transfer co-efficient
  • Self cleaning
  • Longer working life

Cooler Fan Motor

  • High quality sealed motor
  • Water proof
  • Casing made from High heat transfer alloy metal


  • Optimized for heavy duty continuous operation
  • Weather resistant engineering plastic
  • Dynamically balanced for low noise operation

Integral Control Panel

  • Big white LCD display
  • Temperature display
  • Humidity display
  • Auto on / off
  • Date and time clock

Auto Fill

  • Float valve made from weather resistant engineering plastic
  • Automatically keeps water level up

Closed Circuit Cooling Tower

Coil Bank

In closed circuit cooling tower 99.9% pure copper coils are hailed to be the most efficient cooling coils for counter flow closed circuit cooling towers.

Galvanised Coil Bank

The performance / life optimised galvanised coils are preferred coil banks for huge closed circuit cooling towers. Made from carbon steel pipes, the whole unit is hot dip galvanised after fabrication.

Induced Draught Fan

The induced draught fans are driven by totally enclosed surface cooled motors. Fan is made from Industrial Polymer / die cast aluminium or carbon fibre for noise free performance.

Control Panel

Control Panel incorporates all the controls / switchgear for starting stopping the water spay pumps and induced draught fan. Digital display indicates temperature of the incoming hot water and outgoing cold water.

Spray Pump

A low head pump is used for carrying the cooling water from the sump to the top of the cooling coil to be sprayed on the coil bank.

Drift Eliminator

TClosely Pack Z bars prevent the entrainment of the circulating water from the cooling tower.