We are one of the leading manufacturers of FRP cooling towers that are compact, space saving and has three pass eliminator that limits the drift losses. It has adjustable pitch fan for individual duty condition and harmonised spray nozzles for uniform water distribution.

Structure & Components of Evaporative Industrial Air Coolers

Evaporative Cooling Pad

  • High heat transfer co-efficient
  • Self cleaning
  • Longer working life

Cooler Fan Motor

  • High quality sealed motor
  • Water proof
  • Casing made from High heat transfer alloy metal


  • Optimized for heavy duty continuous operation
  • Weather resistant engineering plastic
  • Dynamically balanced for low noise operation

Integral Control Panel

  • Big white LCD display
  • Temperature display
  • Humidity display
  • Auto on / off
  • Date and time clock

Auto Fill

  • Float valve made from weather resistant engineering plastic
  • Automatically keeps water level up

Data for optimal selection (to be provided by user)

Size of the room (L x B x H)
Type of roof (Flat / Slant)
Type of Installation (Fixed / Portable)
Max. Ambient bulb Temperature (°C)
Ambient wet bulb Temperature (°C)

Features & applications of FRP Round Cooling Tower

Salient features:

We are specialized in manufacturing precision engineered FRP cooling towers that offer the following features:

  • Adjustable Pitch Fan for individual duty conditions.
  • Equispaced Spray nozzles for uniform water distribution.
  • Counter Flow Induced Draught Design for better heat transfer.
  • Three Pass Eliminator to limit the drift losses.
  • Compact & space saving & requires negligible civil foundation for installation.
  • Prompt after Sales Service even after the warranty period.


  • Large shop floor
  • Garages
  • Ware houses
  • Open Stadium
  • Factory
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